Your search is over for the right Firearm Safety course to fit into your schedule. WE MEET YOUR SCHEDULE NEEDS!!!  NRA courses are given by women who are NRA Certified Instructors, Range Safety Officers, DOJ approved and Front Sight Firearm Training Institute Ambassadors.  Most classes end with a Completion Certificate and NRA courses end with an NRA certification. There is NO GUARANTEE that you will pass the class and be certified. We do our absolute best to teach you everything you need to know to pass. To sign up for any class please use any of the contact information. 

Range Cancellations must be made at least 12 hours in advance in order to give our Ranges enough time to fill that spot. There is a 20$ nonrefundable range hold fee. Ranges used at this Time are Sun Mountain Gun Club in Oakhurst, The Range Pistol Club in Fresno, The Coalinga Rifle and Pistol Range in Coalinga and Rankin Field Weapons Range in Tulare.

We are approved and PROUD to serve: Fresno city and the Counties of Fresno, Kings, Madera, Merced and Tulare.

Non NRA Instruction and One on One Instruction is also availableat 50$/ hour


1.) JUST-4- KIDS~ $10.00/2 HR

Bring your child/children to learn the basics of gun safety. Designed for children 5-10. This is designed for What is your child going to do if they are at a friends house and their friends want to get “dads gun”? What would your child do if they came across a gun?  Promoting accident prevention and ensuring that children stay safe if they should in fact encounter a firearm. We use the “STOP, DONT TOUCH, TELL AN ADULT” as the NRA does, only with a twist..



2.) BEGINNING SHOOTING~ $100.00/4-6 HR

FIREARM INSTRUCTION, RESPONSIBILITY AND SAFETY TRAINING, is to Provide a hands on introduction  and is designed for the New Shooter. Becoming a safe handgun owner is similar to becoming a safe driver—you combine a good working knowledge of the equipment, the basic skills of operation, and a mind set dedicated to safe and responsible usage and storage. . Developing a mind set for safe and responsible handgun usage and storage is the first step in actually becoming a responsible handgun owner. The next step is building your knowledge of handguns and gun safety. The final steps are becoming skillful in handling handguns and using the safety knowledge that you have acquired. Gun safety rules, range protocol, proper handling, loading and unloading procedures and applications of pistol shooting fundamentals. Range Time will be conducted at an outside range…weather permitting.

*please advise what firearm you are interested in, Semi- Automatic or Revolver




As of May 2016, the Basic Pistol Shooting Course is conducted in two phases. Phase I is online through the NRA Learning Management System (LMS). Once the student completes the online course, they attend Phase II, this Instructor led training portion of the course. During Phase II, NRA Certified Instructors validate comprehensive and application of gun safety rules, range protocol, proper handling, loading and unloading procedures, applications of pistol shooting fundamentals, stables shooting positions, live fire and students shoot a final qualification. THREE LEVELS of Performance are available: Level 1 is a minimum standard that must be passed in order to earn a completion certificate. Once the student accomplishes level 1 requirements, they are given the opportunity to to qualify for Level 2 and Level 3, and Instructor level endorsements on their certificates. THIS IS A 6 HOUR CLASS.



4.) CONCEALED CARRY WEAPON PERMIT~ $150.00/8 HR or $125.00/6 HR

    CCW RENEWAL~ $70.00/4 HR

Achieve the training requirements to apply for your Concealed Carry weapons Permit (CCW) from your City or County.
This class informs candidates of the Risks and Responsibilities, Use of Deadly Force, Maintenance, Proper Storage and Cleaning review, Proper Mindset, Proper Attitude, Levels of Awareness, Skills of Marksmanship, Use of Good judgment before firing a firearm, as well as the Aftermath. Gain additional knowledge and proficiency in Firearm safety, terminology, applicable State and Federal laws and the possible results of the use of deadly force. In this class we DO NOT teach you how to shoot. There is no holster training in this class, you can learn those skills in our Holster Class.

CCW RENEWALS: This class is for the renewal of your EXISTING CCW permit, providing is has NOT expired. Your class needs to be completed in enough time to submit your certification of completion and application to your specific entity 30 days PRIOR to your expiration. In addition, please let us know if you will be qualifying with multiple firearms, up to 4 can be placed on your permit. We recommend you bring 100 rounds of ammunition.

All matters related to CCW permits for the Sheriff’s Office of Fresno County which includes new applications, renewals and modifications will be handled through the online system, the link for which can be accessed via the Fresno sheriff’s office website at should you have any questions you can contact them directly from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday at 559-600-8515.


**Attention: as of January 1st 2016, our fee schedule has changed due to our mobility cost changes, classroom charges and administrative costs beyond our control. WE NO LONGER PAY FOR RANGE FEES. We feel our fees are competitive and we work very hard to a customize classes to your needs and schedule, that has not changed… You choose when, where and if you want indoor / outdoor range accommodations. Who else does that unless you pay “private class fees”.

**NEW** Unless there are scheduling conflicts, the last Saturday of every month is an “all shoot” at Sun Mountain Gun Club in Oakhurst. This is a non instructional class, however, instruction is available for those “problem areas”. All former students are welcome as well as those who has at least been to a basic class. Instructions and safety rules will be gone over at the beginning of each session, and adhere to. Time is from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Range fees are your responsibility and it is recommended that you call in advance for a space as it is limited.

Sign Up/Contact Information


Rene:         530-491-1420 (or 559-840-9899)



SHARON: 775-764-0444

Carla :        559-260-0421